lunes, 18 de julio de 2016

                                               The amenities in Rincon de Luna.

When Parque Rincon de Luna - Hunting Lodge begun, it started hosting guests with two bedrooms accommodating up to four hunters. After we grew exponentially, we´ve built three more bedrooms in order to accommodate more guests adding as well a game room and a reading room.

The room of our guests like the most is the "cava" which is our Wine Cellar, full with the finest selection of red wines, white and sparkling wines from Argentina and is dug in one of the slopes of the mountain.

When the hunting season was finishing in 2014, we thought we need to build a deck on the top floor and a terrace. Allowing our guests in the 2015 hunting season enjoy the landscape and the magic of Rincon de Luna in a relaxed and comfortable way.

Our fire place, is in the main living room of the lodge, where so many hunting anecdotes are told, where we get to know our hunters but most important where we get to share and laugh with them.

One of the new features of Rincon de Luna it´s internet through Wifi starting this hunting season we added it. In the pasts years we did not have and most of people ask for it, now we are " Online and connected ".

Each year we are growing and adding amenities to make our guests feel at home, 
Have a pleasant and truly unique stay.

Hope to see you soon in Argentina,

Good hunting.



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