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                    2017 Hunting Report - Rincon de Luna

2017 started, as usual, in the middle of our Southern Hemisphere summer, clients from Norway (a group of five hunters) following three days of dove shooting in the northern part of the region joined us for some big game horseback (Cordoba Amazing Combo Doves Shooting and Big Game combined) hunting in January, month in which the hunting field was already covered with green grass and clear water streams descending from the mountains. They harvested several trophies amongst buffalos, pampa mouflons, antelopes and multi-horn rams.

Soon after their departure, in February, we had a busy time around the ranch refurbishing and refreshing the lodge facilities and buying a few additions to our equine team, activities we usually carry out before the beginning of our hunting season to ensure we are up and running for the Red Stag season starting in March
We have added a new space we like to call “Sala de Caceria” or Mud Room where our guests and hunting guides leave all hunting gear and equipment during their stay in order to keep the lodge clean and tidy. January and February was the month of preparative after days of hunting on, in the ranch and as well in the hunting shows in the US such as DSC, SCI and Western Hunting and Conservation Expo. We already knew we will have a very busy season.

Compared to the 2016 hunting season, March started off earlier. Nick and his father ,Ernie Gibson, along with Mike Meredith shared four full hunting days the very first week of the month and although the weather was a slightly warm the Gibson’s successful harvested two red stags more than 360 SCI and two of the biggest buffalos of the season. Mr. Meredith harvested two red stags, one Classic Stag and the other was up to 350 SCI. Upon the beginning of week two, one of our dearest friends, Mr. Silvio Arguello Cardenal, visited us again with his lovely family from Nicaragua, on every occasion Mr. Cardenal visits us, Marcos (member of the family that owns Rincon de Luna) and Osvaldo (Managing Partner) join on a hunting experience with him. They hunt for five consecutive days and Don Silvio managed to keep the skinners very busy during his stay. Third week of the month arrived and on the 18th we picked up Brian and Shelly Ailts from Cordoba Int’l Airport, the pair booked their hunting experience at the SCI show a year in advanced. Miranda and Andrew Linbeck (father and daughter) along with Paul Brewer join them two days later. The lodge fully booked and hunters ready for beginning of the RED STAG PRIME RUT. Brian and Shelly Ailts hunted three Classic Red Stag (up to 320 SCI). Miranda and Andrew Linbeck guided by Rodrigo (also family member of the family ) harvested Water Buffalo, Fallow Deer , Blackbuck Antelope and three Red Stags, one of them scored 441 SCI points, THE RECORD OF THE SEASON. It was not the only big trophy of the season, Paul Brewer guided by Oscar, hunted a Red Stag that score 408 SCI. 

After 3 weeks of great hunting and plenty horseback riding, our staff needed a break to recharge batteries to start hunting again in April. 

April 1st arrived, Rene Barbour from Matto Groso, Brazil, with his two nephews (aged 12 and  16) to introduce and teach them hunting just like his father taught him. The first hunting day it presented adversed weather conditions due to pouring rain that lasted almost the entire day. However on the second day, one of the nephews harvested a fallow deer guided by Pascual. Rene hunted a beautiful 25 points Red Stag the 3rd day of his hunt and his other nephew hunted a nice classic Stag.

Soon after Rene’s departure, we got ourselves ready for the Cabela’s and their signature Outdoor Adventure trip as they were scheduled to arrive on April 8th. We first picked up Dusan Smetana (a professional photographer) and Misty and Rick Wietzel (father
and daughter). The following day the rest of the group arrived, Jesus (our Lodge Manager) welcomed Ruth & Robert Pudlowsky, Pam & George Silver and Brady Smith (Cabela’s Host) at the airport. When the group finally arrived at the lodge they were shown the facilities and introduced to the staff, and they soon got on with the task at hand target-practice. In the evening, our guests enjoyed a pleasant dinner before heading for a good night rest, as the following morning the hunting day was scheduled to start very early. The hunters enjoyed a successful hunting week, the harvesting (or experience  exceeded all their expectations . All of them were extremely pleased with their trophies and we very much enjoyed welcoming the group.  
Memorable trophies of the week George’s biggest Red Stag score 380 SCI guided by Oscar, Jorge guided Bob and the Mouflon sheep was the biggest of the season and Misty guided by Mauro harvest the record fallow deer of the season.

Close to end of the April, weather changes significantly up in the mountains and you can feel the cold and chill in the mornings and at night. We open once again our doors to welcome friends from Utah, Mike Colling accompanied by his two sons, Chris and Benjamin, and Kevin Petersen. Their visit was gratifying, the hunting was amazing and the guides delivered outstanding guidance to the hunters, one evening Osvaldo and Rodrigo join the group for dinner at the wine cellar and enthusiastically shared numerous stories they’ve experience in this magic place. Their stay lasted five nights that went by so quick and unfortunately they had to leave, we remember this week as the funniest and most amusing week of the season. Mike and Kevin harvested huge Red Stags; Mike’s scored 385 SCI. Kevin’s scored 375 SCI. On their departure the same day, we welcomed Rusty and Kevin from Birmingham, AL. This round was Rusty’s first visit and it exceeded his all his expectations. We usually expect April to be a busy month given the hustle and bustle in the middle of the season and as the end of the month approached we were extremely pleased and delighted to see happy hunters with their trophies.
In May, we had the pleasure to host two good long-time friends, Diego and Eduardo Poma (father and son) from El Salvador, decided to visit us again. In Addition to the group, Jennifer & Jeff Jackson from Atlanta, GA. and David Harrel from Celina, TX. The group shared a week in the lodge. The atmosphere was unique, great trophies achieved but most importantly, a beautiful friendship was born. During the second week of the month our friend, Troy, from International Outdoor Consultant send our way two hunters, John Cross and Tim Glusac, visiting Argentina for the first. They joined us for a three-day hunting experience. They started their argentine adventure with some high volume dove shooting and later they came to the lodge with great expectation as this was the first time they were hunting Red Stag. Despite weather conditions on the first day, Tim and Pascual persevered and harvested a beautiful classic stag, Whilst on the second day, weather conditions only got worse Jorge (John’s hunting guide) did a fantastic job and patiently waited for the right moment to make a perfect shot, John concluded his number two hunting day with two enormous red stags, a memorable first trip to Argentina. It was extremely satisfying to see Tim and John making the most of their hunting experience.

In May 20, Jesus welcomed hunters for other hosted trip, Winchester/Leupold sponsored a trip with 3 representatives Rafe Nielsen (gun expert) , Mike Stock (ammo expert), Shane Mielsen (scopes expert), three writers also joined Jonathan Dapper (NRA), Anthony Licata (Field & Stream / Outdoor Life) and Mike Schoby (Petersen Hunting / Wheels Afield). Unfortunately, Jonathan did not have the best of the starts, the two rifles he was transporting were delayed in Lima, Peru for few hours and that meant he lost his connecting flight to Cordoba. He (and the riffles) joined safely the group at the lodge the day after. Despite this delay, the group enjoyed great hunting in a space of four days. In the course of their stay, more precisely on May 25th, argentines commemorate a patriotic date and we decided to treat the group to a traditional argentine feast to start we had some delicious empanadas, it is a savory pastry with ground beef, caramelized onions, scallions, green olives and hard boiled wrap on a savory dough deep fried in cow fat. For entrée Locro (acorn squash stew with white hominy corn white beans, skirt steak, pork short ribs, pancetta, Spanish sausage, beef flank steak and beef thick flank cooked for approximate 3/4 hs.), topped with a smoked paprika, crushed red peppers paired with the finest of Malbec wine from Mendoza. The following day we duly ensured our guests checked in on time and cleared their guns at the airport smoothly.

June started off cooler than expected, Derrick and Dustin Lozano joined us after some great dove shooting. They stayed for three full hunting days, it proved challenging to our guide, Oscar, since around this time of the season stags are extremely aware of their surroundings and stalking them is not an easy job. Both hunters harvested their trophies the very last day of the hunt, excellent team work. By the end of June, we hosted the Joiner Family, Steve (father), Margaret (mother) and Everett (son) their trip was organized as an special occasion and a graduation present for their son. We made sure horses and manpower were ready to go up hill for 4 days on their adventure. Steve harvested a beautiful Mouflon Sheep the second day and after chasing a red stag for 4 consecutive days, Everett harvested a beautiful and well deserved trophy. The family was extremely pleased with the results and had a fantastic argentine hunting experience.

As the season comes to an end, we can only say a BIG THANK YOU to all our guests and outfitters who visited us and put their trust in our team and staff. We, surely, understand there are a few areas in need of fine-tuning and we are open to your feedback and committed to improve our offering and ensure our guests leave of our beautiful country with a memorable and unforgettable experience.
Thanks to the staff at Rincon de Luna always working with the best intentions and good                                                                                                            will throughout the season.

See you at Rincon de Luna


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